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Keith D. Bishop

  • Clinical Nutritionist 
  • FirstLine Therapy Provider 
  • B.Sc. Pharmacy 
  • Health Coach© 

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I became a pharmacist in 1982 after attending and graduating from the University of Oklahoma. I owned a pharmacy in Mustang Oklahoma for 15 years, helping my patients to get the most out of their prescription medications, non-prescription medications, asthma treatments, diabetes care, natural treatments, self-care, vitamins, minerals, herbs and natural products.

I was the first recipient of the Oklahoma Pharmacist Association/Dupont Pharma “Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award” in 1995. I have received additional training and certification in "FirstLine Therapy", “Phytomedicinals and Alternative Therapies”, “Applied Clinical Nutrition”, “Pharmaceutical Patient Care”, “Asthma Management”, and “Respiratory Disease Management”. I'm also a member of the Association of Natural Medicine Pharmacists and Pharmacy Compounding Centers of America.

After selling my pharmacy in December 1997, I opened HEALTH NUT RX™, Natural Care Solution, in March of 1998.  The original location was in the Quail Plaza Shopping Center in Oklahoma City. After nine years we relocated our office to a larger facility in the Collonade Shops in April, 2007, and expanded our natural care services, FirstLine Therapy, tests, evaluations, massage therapy, and personal training.

Keith D. Bishop playing trumpet at First Baptist Church.I'm active in the First Baptist Church of Mustang  Choir, Drama departments and play trumpet in the orchestra. My hobbies include photography, camping, snow skiing and fishing.

I'm currently writing special reports and books on the effects vitamins, minerals, herbs, diet and lifestyle have on cancer and the risk of cancer.

After starting the special reports on cancer I discovered the issue of copper toxicity and cancer. Researchers are currently developing prescription treatment plans using chelation drugs. The chelation drugs pull copper out of the body to decrease the development and growth of blood vessels which provide nutrients and energy to cancer tumors.

I tested and found toxic amounts of copper in my home water, office water and my wife's and my body in July of 2008. Convinced of the need for world wide public education, economical home water test kits, and effective water filters and shower filters I established  in December of 2008.

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 My Mission 

Provide you with accurate information, economical and effective tests
and products to evaluate your body and water for toxic metals and remove them if necessary.


Keith Bishop, Clincal Nutritionist, B.Sc. Pharmacy, Health Coach  

Keith D. Bishop
Clinical Nutritionist
B.Sc. Pharmacy
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