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Curriculum Vitae
Keith D. Bishop, Clinical Nutritionist, B.Sc. Pharmacy 

Keith D. Bishop, Clinical Nutritionist 

Natural Care Solution – Health Nut Rx
9612 N. May Avenue,
Oklahoma City , OK 73120

P: 405-936-3333  F: 866-594-1901
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·  Married 

·  Two children 

·  Three grandchildren 

·  Christian and Member of First Baptist Church , Mustang, Oklahoma 



· Member of the Board of Advisors for Xymogen, Nutraceutical Company 2009 

·  Owner and Author of since 2009 

·  Owner and Author of since 2008

·  Clinical Nutritionist since 2000 

·  Owner of Natural Care Solution – Health Nut Rx since 1998 

·  Pharmacist and Owner of Mustang Medic Pharmacy 1983-1998 

·  Pharmacist Hyde Drug, Oklahoma City, OK 1982-1983 

·  Pharmacist Intern Central Pharmacy, Norman , OK 1981-1982 

· Pharmacist Extern Norman Regional Hospital and Central Pharmacy, Norman , OK 1977-1981


·  Graduated Edison High School, Tulsa , Oklahoma 1975 

·  Attended University of Tulsa 1976-1977 

·  Pre-pharmacy at University of Oklahoma 1977-1979 

·  College of Pharmacy , University of Oklahoma 1979-1981 

·  B.Sc. Pharmacy 1981


·  FirstLine Therapy (natural control of metabolic syndrome) 

·  Phytomedicinals and Alternative Therapies 

·  Applied Clinical Nutrition 

·  Pharmaceutical Patient Care 

·  Pharmacist Asthma Management 

·  Pharmacist Respiratory Disease Management  

·  Registered Pharmacist 1982 



·  First recipient of the Oklahoma Pharmacist Association/Dupont Pharma “Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award” in 1995.  



·  Association of Natural Medicine Pharmacists 

·  Pharmacy Compounding Centers of America  



·  Trumpet, photography, snow skiing, camping and horseback riding.


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 My Mission 

Provide you with accurate information, economical and effective tests
and products to evaluate your body and water for toxic metals and remove them if necessary.


Keith Bishop, Clincal Nutritionist, B.Sc. Pharmacy, Health Coach  

Keith D. Bishop
Clinical Nutritionist
B.Sc. Pharmacy
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