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A heavy metal urine test is now easy to do at home
with the Improved Heavy Metal Screening Test.

The following heavy metal urine test procedure improves the results obtained using older test methods.

Improved heavy metal testing methods: Your body has a difficult time removing heavy metals if your urine is acidic. By testing and adjusting your urine pH to normal levels you will help your body remove the toxic heavy metals through the kidneys and into the urine. 

Step 1

Avoid vitamin and mineral supplements for at least 12 hours.


heavy metal testing no minerals  


Step 2

Collect your first morning urine sample in a clean container.




Step 3

Test the pH of your urine. Quickly dip a small piece of pH paper into and out of your urine. Instantly compare the color of the paper to the pH chart provided.


heavy metal testing urine pH


Step 4

If your urine pH is 6.5 or higher you may continue to the Step 5.


If you urine pH is less than 6.5 your urine is acidic and you may not be eliminating metals properly. 


You may want to buffer your body, Step 4a, to improve the removal of heavy metals and accuracy of the Heavy Metal Screening Test.


Step 4a 

You may do a combination of the following If you need to buffer and remove acid from your body:

1.  Consume 5 cups of vegetables and fruit the day prior to your morning urine collection. 

2.  Take calcium 500mg and magnesium 200mg twice daily

3.  Mix two teaspoonfuls of baking soda into 4 oz of carbon filtered water and drink prior to going to bed.

4.  Repeat Steps 1, 2 and 3.

Step 5

Pour the test solution from the small v-shaped vial into the larger test tube.

Place one small square of the Test Paper into test tube solution and screw the cap back on the test tube.




Heavy Metal Testing


Step 6

Shake test-tube gently until solution turns green.(Within 30 seconds)





water metal testing


Step 7

Add 3 ml of the urine, with the help of the pipette, into the test-tube. The test-tube is now filled up to the 4ml line.


Place the red cap on the test-tube.


Shake vigorously for 15-30 seconds, stop and allow the solution to react for 1 minute.


urine heavy metal testing


Step 8

Observe the band/ring of color at the top of the solution and compare with the Color Comparison Chart.

The green color changed to a purple color thus the heavy metal ion copper concentration is high.


Color remains green. No heavy metal ions are present.

urine heavy metal test

heavy metal urine no metal


heavy metal test comparison chart



Bonus Offer - Free Report
Purchase your Heavy Metal Test and receive the free report Lowering Heavy Metal Toxicity. Discover effective ways to lower your toxic heavy metal levels. I use this report for each of my clients that have high levels of toxic heavy metals. 

Any color change from green, viewed directly on the liquid surface level of the test tube, represents the presence of free metal ions. Compare with the color chart to find the degree of metal concentration.

Heavy Metal Screening Test reagents only bind to the unbound or free metal ions - metals which have not been neutralized by the body. In a healthy body with a well-functioning detoxification system, there should be no free heavy metals found in the urine. Heavy metal ions present in food, amalgam fillings, tap water, bathing water, pools, hot tubs, dust, dishware, etc. may contribute to heavy metal intoxication.

The color chart indicates the concentration of metals only; the type of metal present is secondary, since all free metal ions are toxic to our body. Free or unbound metals increase free radical production a million times – free radicals have been linked to all degenerative diseases, including cancer. If your self-test shows the presence of free heavy metals, a detoxification process should be undertaken and all potential sources of contamination should tested and eliminated.


You can use Heavy Metal Screening Test to assess the effectiveness of your chelation, detoxification and water filtering process.

*When testing urine, test results indicating no metals present suggest one of two possibilities. Either the urine is indeed free of heavy metals, or the body is subject to advanced metal toxicity in which the body’s capacity (through liver, kidneys, intestine, etc.) to cope with free metal ions is totally exhausted. Often the urine pH is too acidic to allow the body to remove toxic metals.


If other members of your household have heavy metal concerns consult your health care professional for further investigation.


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