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Simple home water testing and human urine testing will let you know if your drinking water contamination is causing your health problems.


There are at least six types of water contamination that may be found in your municipal tap water:

  1. Water ContaminationChlorine and chloramine toxicity 
  2. Heavy metals: arsenic, copper, iron and lead 
  3. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC): pesticides and  herbicides 
  4. Pharmaceutical drugs 

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Are water contamination and heavy metal toxins contributing to your health issues? It's more common than you think. 

If you are not using a water filter or shower filter to purify your drinking water, bath, pool, spa, hot tub and shower, you may be absorbing dangerous toxins and endangering your family’s, pet’s and livestock's health.


Yes, you can absorb toxins through your skin(1) and the steam you breath in your shower, bath, pool, hot tub and spa.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) admits you could have problems with copper  and lead  in your body if your home has copper or metal pipes. 


According to the EPA "approximately  one in eight Americans is exposed to potentially harmful microbes, pesticides, lead, or radioactive radon whenever they drink a glass of tap water or take a shower."(2)


EPA states, "Household plumbing materials are the most common source of lead and copper in home drinking water. Corrosive water may cause metals in pipes or soldered joints to leach into your tap water. Your water’s acidity or alkalinity (often measured as pH) greatly affects corrosion. Temperature and mineral content also affect how corrosive it is. They are often used in pipes, solder, or plumbing fixtures. Lead can cause serious damage to the brain, kidneys, nervous system, and red blood cells. The age of plumbing materials — in particular, copper pipes soldered with lead — is also important. Even in relatively low amounts these metals can be harmful."(3)


The US EPA estimates that up to 20% of human exposure to lead results from contaminated drinking water.


Municipal water systems are only responsible for water quality leaving their treatment facilities, not the water you drink in your home.


My personal story...

Caution: If you keep reading this information and following the links on this website, your water activities will never be the same, unless you test and filter your water.


On the following web pages I’m sharing my hundreds of hours of review of the published research. Each statement I make on this website is backed by medical and research references located at the bottom of appropriate pages.


This is important:
Test your water before and after filtering. Make sure your water filters and shower filters are removing the toxins you, your home and business are challenged with.


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(1) Effects of arsenic on human keratinocytes: morphological, physiological, and precursor incorporation studies. Bernstam L, Lan CH, Lee J, Nriagu JO. Environ Res. 2002 Jul;89(3):220-35.
 ASDC J Dent Child. 2000 Sep-Oct;67(5):350-4, 302, 304





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